Workspace For Rent


Cut out extra expenses now selecting the most suitable workspace for rent in Australia, MLK Business Centre is the right place for you if you want to boost your team’s productivity and achieve business goals in record time. We offer spacious areas fully equipped with sleek and modern furniture that will consistently boost your team’s daily work promoting excellence and productivity. At MLK Business Centre we are deeply proud of helping business owners take their businesses to the next level and optimise their performance in a daily basis, taking care of all non-core activities and making sure you and your team can focus in your products and services’ quality.
We are positioned as one of the best options when searching a workspace for rent due to these benefits:
• Our building is architecturally outstanding, with many meeting rooms and office spaces that are easy to upgrade depending of your business’s specific needs.
• We are strategically located in the heart of the city, meaning that public transport, cafes, ATMs and other amenities are all nearby.
• MLK Business Centre is not new to this field of providing a superior workspace for rent. We have over 11 years functioning as one of the best coworking spaces in the area.
Select MLK Business Centre when you need a premium workspace for rent and give your your business the prestigious image it deserves. This way you will be able to impress your business partners, employees, clients and any serious investors interested in your project. Speak to us to receive more detailed information or schedule a tour to the most suitable coworking space for rent in the area, our professionals will be ready to assist you. And we are also ready to receive you and your teammates if you want to visit our premises!