Shared Commercial Space


Find the luxurious offices of MLK Business Centre, the best shared commercial space in Melbourne, the main option for businesses, start-ups and personal brands that want to take their business proposal to the next level. If you require a luxurious shared commercial space where you can host a successful meeting according to your business’s successful image and impress your clients and business partners, or to keep your team working at full potential, here at MLK Business Centre you will find it. We are proud of having everything a start up needs in an upgradeable space that will surely cover your expectations.
With over a decade of experience as a shared commercial space we have achieved the position we’ve always wanted, providing a sophisticated service that consistently offers extra value to your business. Renting MLK Business Centre an excellent option for benefits like the following:
• A flexible and equitable tailored package designed according to your specific needs, optimising your budget’s performance.
• We offer a state of the art and elegant spacious area with the latest technology in an architecturally remarkable building that is luxurious.
• Ours is an adaptable facility that will save you from all hassle of having to change your address or phone number.
At MLK Business Centre keeps client service satisfaction among the first positions when it comes to shared commercial space areas where teams can take their activities to the highest level of efficiency. With over 11 years and counting positioned as one of the main office spaces in the heart of Kew, with a prestigious location and fully furnished with all the necessities required by a first-class private office facility.
MLK Business Centre is the right place to carry out your activities and achieve goals in the time you set.