Furnished office space for rent


There is no doubt that finding a fully furnished office space is the best option for small and medium size businesses. With a strategical location in the centre of the city, near all the amenities you need for your daily operations such as public transport, cafes, ATMs and many more. We have become Australian business owners’ first option when they want to optimise their practises and outsource all non-core activities to start focusing in their products and services’ quality as well as improving customer satisfaction and expanding to new markets.
Enhance your corporative experience and find a premium furnished office space for rent here at MLK Business Centre, a place designed to exceed expectations and leave all clients, business owners, important investors, co-workers and employees all impressed with the place. Our fully furnished office space for rent is the best option in the market for services like these:
• Bookkeeping services that you can easily outsource and can be performed normally in our premises.
• Product launches: with our large meeting rooms you can rest assured that your guests will feel completely comfortable during their time at MLK Business Centre.
• Training programmes and recruitment procedures so you can make sure any new talent being added to your business is a valuable professional addition that understands the reputable business he or she works with now.

Leave all those operations that distract you and your team from focussing in the core-activities of your business to our experts. With MLK Business Centre as your furnished office space for rent you are on the right track to take your business to the top and become a leader in your industry. If you want a deeper look at our premises and the benefits of selecting MLK Business Centre, do not hesitate to contact us or book a tour and visit us.