Small office space Melbourne


Sometimes a large office is not required, specially for small business or for larger businesses that only want to outsource a part of their operations, most of them being administrative operations. At MLK Business Centre all these needs find a more than suitable solution with a remarkable small office space in Melbourne fitted with the technologic equipment and modern furniture you can expect one of the most renown workspaces in Kew would offer its clients. We are proud of having become the first option in the area for businesses owners that understand the importance of having a refreshing workspace that promotes productivity and excellence among employees, co-workers and business partners as well.
Selecting MLK Business Centre is the smartest choice because this is a place where all your needs are carefully taken care of, with all the amenities you can expect in a small office space in Melbourne where innovation and comfort are priorities. Centrally located in the heart of the city, we have offered businesses in Kew a place where they can complete daily office operations in the most effective way, in a luxurious business that is architecturally stunning space with cafes, ATMs, supermarkets and more nearby.
Achieve your business goals by taking your team to our small office space in Melbourne, a place where they will surely feel more productive and prone to optimise all processes. We offer highly competitive packages that will surely meet your budget requirements and also provide you with remote support in administrative activities such as receptionist services, mail handling, and more. We are not new to this area; we have offered services renting our facilities to business that need a deluxe small office space in Melbourne fore 11 years and we stay in the heart of Kew as one of the leading options in the field.