Outsourced company secretarial services


We welcome you to MLK Business Centre, the smartest choice to receive professional outsourced company secretarial services that are the next step to optimise time management and quality of service in your business. As any well-structured business that respects its clients and wants to convey a successful and prestigious image, outsourced company secretarial services are an essential need once your business starts growing. We help you propel your business’s position in the industry with a service that is completely catered to your needs, personalised according to your specific goals and a valuable addition to the range of services you will receive from us here at MLK Business Centre.
It is very important to have a person dedicated to organising all important information and taking care of memorandums, scheduling and logistics in general and this is all achievable with our outsourced company secretarial service. Today we help you get a unique solution for these needs with our professional virtual assistant services and level up your daily operations. Bear in mind that our building is located in the centre of the city of Kew, with all amenities close to you and small office spaces as well as large meeting rooms available for you in case you need to host an important meeting and want to impress your clients.
Enjoy second to none outsourced company secretarial services at MLK Business Centre and level up your business and make sure your expectations for this process are completely exceeded. Keep in mind that we have the expertise required to provide company secretarial service that will help you organise all the activities carried out in your business. Focus on your core activities, increasing your products or services quality, making sure your clients’ needs are satisfy and start thinking about strategies to expand to other markets.
This is MLK Business Centre, the right place to look for business solutions and achieve success.