Renting Out Office Space


MLK Business Centre is the main option when it comes to a private office space in Melbourne that is up to your expectations and completely covers the range of needs a business may have when looking to renting out an office space in Melbourne. Our luxurious meeting rooms are provided with all the necessities your business requires when seeking a maximisation of the quality in the services you offer. With a history of 11 years building a remarkable and highly memorable experience for our clients, at MLK Business Centre we pride ourselves in having a highly adaptable renting out office space that will completely meet your requirements.
MLK Business Centre is a first-class space centrically located in the heart of Kew, with all the amenities needed by any productive team such as cafes nearby, public transportation and ATMs. Selecting our renting out office spaces is the best option when you need a remarkable space to take your team with all the tools and equipment required to take your performance level to the next level. If the aspect that is keeping you from renting out office spaces that will consistently improve the quality of the services you offer is the costs, you do not have to worry about it since we have excellent packages that will properly adjust to your budget helping you optimise your spending plan as well.
At MLK Business Centre you will find the right type of space tailored to your specific needs. We are the best option to boost your company’s prestige with an excellent address in the heart of Kew and second to none environments with the level of visual appeal you need. Our well-resourced spaces are designed to impress you and your guests, no matter if you are arranging a one-on-one meeting or if you need a large training room for professional training processes.
Choose a premium renting out office space, choose MLK Business Centre.