Rent temporary office space


Welcome to MLK Business Centre, the most suitable solution when a business in Kew needs to rent a temporary office space to host an important meeting, carry out daily administrative procedures or when a large training room is needed for professional training. When you rent a temporary office space at MLK Business Centre, you are selecting an option with an important number of benefits such as:
• A state of the art and elegant spacious area with the latest technology in an architecturally remarkable building.
• An adaptable facility that will save you from all hassle from having to change your address or phone number.
• Flexible and equitable tailored packages designed to adapt to your business’s budget needs.
MLK Business Centre keeps client service satisfaction at the forefront in order to exceed business owners’ expectations. We are not new in the business of renting temporary office space that propels the prestigious professional image of our clients, we have 11 years and counting positioned as one of the state-of-the-art office spaces in the heart of Kew, with a prestigious location and fully furnished with all the necessities required by a first-class private office facility. Find a comfortable environment in exceptional offices that will make your workers and business partners boost their productivity.
Rent a temporary office space here at MLK Business Centre and take your daily operations to the next level. We have all the equipment required to offer your business on-site and remote administrative support and help you host important meetings with serious investors. MLK Business Centre takes pride of going above and beyond, ensuring your expectations for a professional private office space are exceeded. Enhance your business’s productivity and make sure its success is honoured by the type of facility you have selected.