Rent Serviced Office


MLK Business Centre is an elegant building with spacious rent serviced office areas, these are spaces provided with tools like boardrooms and more pieces of equipment that will enable you to offer your services at full potential. When you choose MLK Business Centre you are making the right choice, selecting a space that is fully adaptable according to your business’s needs. We are proud of having a private office for rent that promotes productivity enhancement, making the office a workplace where all the members of a team feel more active and boost their results.
With over 11 years of experience offering our clients in Melbourne an utmost professional and specialised environment with an acceptable budget in the form of different packages that will adapt to your needs, because here at MLK Business Centre we help you optimise time, space and your spending plan as well. From the first step your team takes into our rent serviced offices space you will understand you are in a highly sophisticated workspace near all the amenities you need such as cafes, ATMs, bank offices, public transportation and more, we are located in the heart of Kew.
We have completely adaptable premises that will surely cover your expectations and can easily be upgraded to the type of space your team requires. Selecting MLK Business Centre building is the most suitable choice when you need a rent serviced office with easy access, on-site administration support and other business development services near you. We are the right option if you want to create the perfect work-life balance in a spacious rent serviced office with the highly-productive environment you are looking for. With our on-site and remote support services you can take your business’s performance to the next level. Visit our premises if you want to see yourself the type of rent serviced office we offer.
MLK Business Centre, the place where productivity, potential and technology join together for remarkable results.