Spaces Coworking


Prestige, innovation and technology meet in one place, and it is positioned as one of the leading options for spaces for coworking in Kew. We welcome you to MLK Business Centre, the leaders in the market of spaces of coworking, positioned among the firsts for over 10 years due to the quality of the experiences we offer to our clients. The key to boosting our clients’ performance in the market is to provide them with all the equipment required in a place that is luxurious and promotes effectivity from the first step your teammates take in our premises. This is a luxurious place designed to cover our clients’ needs and exceed their expectations regarding quality spaces for coworking, holding the position of the single office spaces in Kew.
We keep being the favourite option of many business owners and investors who understand the importance of having their teams in a highly productive environment where innovation is always present. With MLK Business Centre you can have peace of mind knowing they are in one of the leading spaces for coworking where all logistics are taken care of while your team focusses completely in the products’ quality and offering services at premium levels.
You can now enhance your business’s performance and make sure you can meet your objectives by selecting one of our cost-effective packages designed to meet your budget needs regarding spaces for coworking in Melbourne. Impress your co-workers, business partners or any serious invertors you have scheduled business meetings with, all this by taking them to an elegant place that successfully projects the prestigious image of your business. At MLK Business centre we offer affordable packages that will surely adapt to your budget plans. Contact us today and schedule a tour in our premises.